Friday, May 23, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Scotty O'Hotty Beer-Bacon Chipotle- So this one is every bit as great as it sounds. I won't even tell you what is on the ingredient list but trust me, it is nothing short of incredible. Six peppers and a bunch of other awesomeness in the mix, that's all I'm saying. Slightly smoky with a fantastic texture, the flavor is solid but allows a little heat to shine. It is gentle and not overpowering just giving your taste buds a little kick in the ass. Great sauce, definitely better than other bacon sauces I have tried.
0 cal/tsp

Special thanks to the guys over at MHT for giving me a bottle of Scotty's Premium Habanero Sauce to review that led to Scotty himself reaching out and sending me a couple of his other creations to try.
Thanks Scotty, much appreciated! Keep up the good work!
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