Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Netflix'ed a gem called "Rock and Roll Nightmare" and it came yesterday.
This is one of those odd films that pops up as a recommendation that you can't say no to. The story centers around a Rock band that rents a house and barn equipped with a studio to work on new material for their next album. Problem is, the house has issues...demon issues. The film has a couple "videos," a couple sets of 80's breasts, and Jon Mikl Thor. If you don't know who that is...I didn't either. Reading his history is by far the most interesting thing that came out of this film.
Overall, it was good for a few laughs but not really worth watching beginning to end. By far not The Room but there are a couple scenes, most notably the final fight scene, that deserve attention. Thankfully, somebody put the videos and the fight scene on you tube so you don't have to suffer through the bad acting, worse special effects, and blatant use of the same shot over and over. Enjoy.

We Live to Rock
The Final Battle

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