Friday, October 8, 2010

Doing my part and idiots at the wheel

It was breakdown Friday on my way home from work today. The first, a teenager in an AMC Javelin with a clogged fuel filter on a four lane that connects 150 to Shades Crest. He used the Flathead on my multitool to remove the offender and then blew it out and then reconnected the line. The car had to be jumped so thankfully his female friend was there and had cables, which he had no clue how to use. Just a couple tips, if you drive an AMC Javelin, at the least carry a small tool set and learn how to use jumper cables.
The second was a Buick Park Avenue on Shades crest not two miles from the AMC. I pulled up next to the driver who was on the cell phone. I asked if he had gas and if he needed a push out of the road. He started to say that it wouldn't start, only do this...but when he turned the key the car started fine and he was able to get out of the road. Score two for roadside assistance.
Unfortunately for me, everybody else on the road was a jackass. I watched an SUV empty fast food trash from their floorboard by kicking it out the door, was not yielded to while going straight twice, and was the victim of a near rear end by someone texting when I was going to turn. Not to mention the fact that nobody signals anymore. My small peace of mind comes in the fact that I am a firm believer in karma. The only bad thing is it is rare that you get to see it in action. I am waiting for someone to invent the karma-cam...

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