Monday, January 17, 2011

Run-ins with the law...

Talking on Facebook with a friend brought this story out and I thought it fit to be shared here.
The spark that ignited this retelling was a conversation about my experience this past summer with NYPD and my error in taking for granted the ease I have in carrying a large pocket knife in the state of Alabama. The New York story will have to wait. For now, to my California road trip...

My only other brush with the law was coming out of Utah into Colorado a couple years back. It had been a great trip, had a great night in a hotel getting a great night of rest and a needed shower. I had my iPod on and was riding at sunrise and lost track of speed and must have been doing a solid 15 over.
Got lit up and pulled over. The officer was real patient while I got all my gear off and I made the sign for and mouthed that I had music on, the whole bit. He asked if I had ridden all the way out there from Al. which I told him I had. He asked what I was listening too and we discussed music for a minute. When asked if I knew why I had been pulled over, I was honest and told him I knew I was speeding but added it was such an awesome morning that I got a little lost in it. He inquired about warrants which I assured him I did not have (and I didn't). He told me to have all the fun I wanted, just to do it a little slower. We both got a kick out of it and talked for several more minutes. He left me with a solid, knowing handshake and I was on my way. Balanced with that experience, in terms of law enforcement encounters and riding, I'd say the inconvenience level of my hassles is a wash.

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