Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Morning

Started about 9am. Plan was to change the rear brake pads and remedy the seat situation on the shovel. Old pads out, new pads in, no problem. Brakes feel much more solid. In terms f the seat, if you look at older pictures of the bike, you'll notice the front of the seat just sat up. There was never a bracket holding the front down so if you weren't on it, it just hung out there. I made a bracket to bolt into the seat pan and hold the front of the seat to the frame.

For such a minor change, I think it drastically changed the line of the bike. To me, the seat always stuck out like a sore thumb and now it looks much better.

You can see in the closeup it is still raw and unpainted. I have a few more things I am going to fab up and then I will paint it all at once. Shame, today would have been a good day for it. I got my hands on a peanut tank from a buddy and mocked it up but I am not sold on it. The "porkster" tank is growing on me. The "This is my scene" video that went viral a few months ago has been in my head and making my want to not do what everyone else has done before and if nothing else, the tank is different. We'll see...

Soundtrack for the morning:

Spike Jones- Greatest Hits

Minibossses: Brass
(thanks Jeff)


  1. Looking damn good! How do you like that LePera? I want a Scorpion which is similar, but I keep finding better deals on the LePera. I may go that route, but I don't know yet.

  2. Thanks man.
    I like that seat a lot, very comfortable and good cushion on the frame. The Scorpion is a sharp looking seat. Seems to have more ridges that are more pronounced. I've had 3 LePera seats and been happy with all of them. Word of advice, don't spend more on the gel seats, price difference isn't worth it.


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