Monday, August 1, 2011

Shots from the road to Canada

Last summer my brother in and law and I rode due north to Canada. These are some highlights...

Like the sign says, Deals Gap. We planned on camping a few miles past the finish but it rained like hell until we stopped and started again as soon as we got back on.

Waking up at camp in the AM to pea soup fog on the pond near our site. It was a holiday weekend and there were only a couple spots left. Ended up hanging my hammock off site.

Niagara Falls

Sunrise at Lake Delta State Park, NY.
The sites are literally steps from the water.

Funspot, more here.

First view of the Northeastern coast in Maine.


New York

Caesars Palace and part of Trump Plaza, Atlantic City.

Ferry from Cape May to Lewes.

Camping right off the beach in Lewes.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the only bridge I've ever crossed that goes underwater twice and has a gift shop and restaurant halfway across.

Shot from the shore, Virginia Beach.

The rig: '02 HD Superglide, Kelty pack full 'o gear, The red straps are for the atlas on the back in a SealLine waterproof bag.

Great times...

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