Thursday, September 15, 2011


needs to come a little quicker. Beer menu:
Laughing Skull Amber Ale
Innis and Gunn Oak Cask
Snake Dog IPA
Jockamo IPA
Great Divide Colette
Miller Light
High Life Light

On the far left is Prosecco, a fancy white wine for my wife.

On the bill, a double feature:

Yep, that's Brad fucking Majors!

Stone is a Trip.


  1. Man I really wanna see Stone.Hopefully it's better than some of the old 60's flicks I found on icefilms. But 7 beers?? Doesn't even seem like the start of a buzz.

  2. I will give a full report once I've watched Stone. Oddly enough, I found the remastered soundtrack at 2nd and Charles.

    As far as the beer goes, I just pulled one out of each carrier, the fridge is pretty well stocked for the evening.


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