Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Went out to the garage Friday to take a look at the rear end of the bike. I'd been meaning to take the strut covers off for some time. The rear turn signals have been bothering me a lot lately. I had the idea to mount a single signal on top of the rear fender. Before I knew it I was unbolting and cutting wires. Time ran away from me and I ended up finishing up Saturday afternoon.
Ass end in pieces, tools and parts galore. All the wiring on newer HDs is quick disconnect. The connectors barely fit through the fender struts...pain in the ass.
There are some brackets and crap that I need to cut off this fender. I was a little reckless with it during this project knowing it needed to be trimmed and repainted. 
To get the wires through the top of the fender, I had to cut them. I soldered and shrink wrapped them together before realizing the relocation would require more length. I cut them, added length and did it all again.
My first thought was to make a channel in the existing hole to run the wiring through. For mounting reasons, this ended up not being an option. When in doubt, drill baby drill...
Finished product. The verdict is still out with me, I'm not 100% sold on it. I'm toying with the idea of just running the single light on a shortened stem on the tag side.
I went for a ride, it didn't suck. Even getting stopped at a train crossing was relaxing. It got cold later in the day and I regretted not riding in gloves. Then I remembered some people's riding seasons gets interrupted with blizzards and I didn't feel so cold anymore.
Mailbag: Steffan at Zombie Performance sent some schwag, awesome bars and fabrication. Check out his work here. 

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