Sunday, February 12, 2012

Failure to Launch/Garco

Had some ride plans yesterday that fell through which is probably a good thing. A high of 38 does not make for the most comfortable day of riding. I did get out on the bike and ended up screwing around at Garage Company.
Some of the regulars came pouring in so I stuck around and bullshitted until lunch. First time at Nino's and damn it was good. Hawaiian calzone=greatness. If you are ever in Pelham, check it out.


  1. It was great seeing ya! After you left I got the 8" over tubes on and the bike looks great!

  2. Pictures or it didn't happen...

  3. I like both the raked out springer, and the bobbed triumph. What are the specs on that springer?

  4. the springer is a original hd thats been stretched 20 with ford radius rods and narrowed about 4 inches.


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