Thursday, February 2, 2012


I've looked around and found that most of the quality high-candlepower LED lights are damned expensive. Many also use special batteries that might be difficult or at the least inconvenient to find on the road. I've been using the same mini-Maglites for years. Extremely well engineered and near bullet proof, we have several of these around the house including the one in my pack.
Nite Ize makes some great upgrades and accessories for these flashlights. In addition to the LED upgrade, I also use the IQ switch. This converts the light to push button operation meaning you don't have to focus the beam each time you want to use the light. It also adds additional modes: 50%, 25%, slow strobe and fast strobe. The push button dome has a flashing red led that flashes every 3 to 4 seconds, a life saver if you drop it in the dark. 
Their elastic head strap turns the Mag into a headlight. Useful and economical so I won't flip my shit if I happen to lose it or lend it. 
Before going to California my wife surprised me with a package of useful road items. Among them was this mini Coleman lantern. It runs on AA batteries and is surprisingly bright. I kept it clipped into the attachment point on the hammock right behind my head. Came in handy for the late night nature calls.

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  1. Hoy~O! Thanks for the plug. I've got enough Wuss Ride Slab CIty Riot 3 stickers to last a lifetime... ha ha

  2. No worries man, least I can do for all the folks you've sent my way...


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