Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Helmet Progress/Experiment

So my buddy Nick posted some time ago about rattle-can glitter paint and I got curious. Picked up a can last week to try it out on what is more or less a throw-away piece: my shitty German novelty helmet. I had already repainted the base flat black and found the glitter paint so there went nothing... 
The paint, $8 at a local hobby shop. The first can was junk, 30 seconds of good use before the paint went away and nothing but propellant and adhesive came out. No questions asked exchange and #2 worked much better. 

The result so far, darker than I expected but I think the flat black base coat is to blame. If you bought yourself one of those red HD '72s that have been getting coverage all over the place, this would be the paint color for you! Needs one more spray in a couple spots and should be good to go.
Overspray is a huge issue with this paint. Even with the cardboard, it got all over everything. The patio table I put the cardboard on now looks like it spent a late night in a strip club. Thankfully I have enough of the flat black left to fix it... 

Once that coat is done, I am going to add a little more paint and try my hand at a reline. There are several tutorials out there, seems pretty easy (famous last words).


  1. Are you gonna leave it plain flake?

  2. How about some yellow/white daisy's and frolicking little nymph's.... it's just a suggestion,

  3. I have a plan to put something on it, not daisy's or nymphs though.
    Fantasy art and boner drawings are in right now so that must be considered, right?
    It kinda looks like Dorothy's slippers from the Wizard of Oz...

  4. Send it over here...I'll put boners on it for you.

  5. I said boner drawings...it's an important distinction.


    Start a new trend, put a Fabio-haired bare chested merman on it.

    With a boner.

  7. Design collaboration, I'm into it.
    Yellow and white daisy background with a nymph and Fabio merman...with a boner.
    Am I missing anything?
    I'm going to need a bigger helmet...

  8. I'll paint the boner collab on it...

  9. "Interesting..."
    Haha, that's one word for it.


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