Sunday, February 19, 2012

Swap Meet?

I try to support events in the area. Some are big and enticing enough to make mandatory. Others, like this one, are great for a Saturday if you have a little time to kill.
I had never heard of Terry's Two Wheel until I saw the event mentioned online. Didn't really have a chance to check it out or talk to anyone who worked there or knew much about it. I did talk to someone who said their hours were inconsistent, never a good business practice. 
Frog Toggs,cheap saddlebags and sportbike gear..everything was moved inside once the rain started. It fit with room to spare. 58 degrees and wet, not the best day for riding. I was soaked when I got home.

I didn't see more than fifteen bikes the whole time I was there. This was the best the parking lot had to offer...
I guess every event has to start somewhere. I caught up with a couple guys I know and the red beans and rice was not a total waste.


  1. Damn! Where was this? I rode to Garco Sat so I know how you feel for the ride home. I DID have my gear with me, but my over-pants are developing a leak or two.

  2. It was at Terry's Two Wheel in Pelham on Commerce drive.
    I don't have rain gear, never have. I just get wet, which is not so bad in the summer as you usually get a small shower and get dry quick. On colder winter days...not so much.


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