Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Old Sportster...

As I bought it in '04, a used '89 1200.
This was the first bike I ever made real changes to, which at the time was mostly unbolting parts and putting other parts in their place. Also the first time I ever did internally wired bars. The tank, fenders and side-cover were done in Line-X. It was cheap and by far the easiest "paint" job I've ever had. After I had it done a couple other bikes around Birmingham showed up with similar treatment, including a guy I didn't know at the time and am now buds with.  

I know, Hyperchargers suck but the blower look did it for me at the time. The last changes I made were switching to the Dragtron II, moving the coil to the side and lifting the tank. 

Shortly after I got to the point of being happy with it, the motor blew all to Hell. I got new cases and had it rebuilt from the ground up but someone in the process didn't know what they were doing and it just became one problem after another which eventually took up all my money, time and interest. 

I took a bath on it selling it to some guy in Tennessee for almost no money. 

It's good having a Sportster that runs and rides...  


  1. That was around the time that I met you. I remember talking about how you couldn't fuck up your tins because of Line-X.

  2. Yeah, you could get it filthy and just spray it off with a hose and it was good as new. I also thought it looked like black flake from a distance. Good stuff.


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