Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This bike was killing it on the course...with a single wheel trailer. Seriously impressive ability and handling skills.
Timed trials on the advanced track. I think the best time was under a minute and the average was around a minute twenty. 
There was no shortage of baggers going through including some guys that were absolutely giving it Hell, dragging every turn and really getting after it.
Dual sports were also well represented...and some even went off course and hit impromptu courses. I'm sure you can imagine as the event took place outside an unused mall.
At the start course entry and exit was very strict, which was necessary as the crowd surged when the courses were opened. Later in the day when people were used to how the courses ran and when you could start as the other person finished it kind of ran itself.

If you didn't make it, you really missed out. This was a great FREE event. The only way things like this will continue to happen around here is if people show up and support it.


  1. Sorry I didn't make it...too busy blogging! LOL

  2. No excuses accepted...even blogging.


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