Friday, April 6, 2012

Hot Sauce of the Week

Wait a minute...Hop City was supposed to open in late March right? No word yet and even listing on the googles. I phoned the Atlanta branch of Hop City this week and asked for an ETA on the Birmingham store's opening...late May.
Shit...disappointing. is good news for you hot sauce fans and as luck would have it, my inspirational Uncle Bill has come through again and provided me with a few more bottles to try. That in combination with a few others I have around should give us another few weeks. I was also tipped off by a reader about a good sauce spot so the supply may be increased sooner than later.

For now...I give you:
Tapatio-tangy and just enough heat. Mexican food, chili, red beans and rice even would be at home with this one. I can see this bottle going fast...

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