Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 years ago this month...

Somewhere along the Ocoee. This was our buddy's Bachelor Party trip of sorts. Ride, Wheels Through Time, camping, booze, excellence.
Arrived in Maggie Valley. Too dark to set up camp. Unfortunately there was some big event that weekend and of all the hotel's we stopped at, we could only find one room. We were gouged...but that's life.  
Parked at WTT.
Sometimes you get an offer that sounds too good to be true. You take a chance, make a phone call and the results are better than you expected. 
 You dig trenches with the rear tire, sling grass all over a buddy, run laps around the parking lot, run out of gas and break things. Your host is all smiles.
 You ride some of the best roads in the southeast. You camp and drink until you run out of beer. The next day you haul ass home.
I'm ready for another trip like this one.


  1. Enjoyed this....thanks for sharin' it!

  2. Perfect post! Man, I am so ready to hit the road-not sure how this summer is gunna play out...

  3. emw21-Glad you dug it.

    Chris-I hope you get out and about, I know how it is to be grounded. My cabin fever gets pretty bad it times. Getting away does wonders for sanity...

    Brandon- a standout for sure.


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