Tuesday, May 1, 2012

USB Charger

I needed to make a cell charger for trips and events as the season is upon us. I happened to have old connector in my nut and bolt bucket that matched the trickle charger harness that was on the bike when I bought it.
 Got the plug/cord combo from a big box retailer down the street. A little solder and heat shrink tubing and...
 Finished product. Couple that with a low profile usb plug, done and done.
Of course, it helps if you bring the right charging cord. As I unfortunately discovered recently the concept is useless if you only pack half of what you need.


  1. I just put one in the hard bag on my Shovel FLH. $5 at the auto store. The bracket lined up with the rivets that hold the metal clip that keeps the bag attached. All it took was a couple new rivets and some wire.

  2. Yep, I just zip tied a socket to my frame under the seat and plug a regular car charger into it. I remember back in the day when we made fun of the yuppies taking their cell phones out on their bikes. You had to be some rich little dipshit to have a phone back then. Now even us regular folks are lost without the damn things.

  3. Yeah, I can see where this thing could be handy for a number of things. Every bit of piece of mind I can get, I'm gonna take.

    As far as cell phones go, I had my first one in the late 90's and then dropped it and didn't get one again until '03. Blessing and a curse...


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