Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As seen this weekend...

Took a ride to Blount Springs. Stopped at one of the sites where Blount Springs Water was bottled. The smell of Sulfur is crazy strong, you can taste it in the water too. 
 Rode out onto an old closed bridge, killer view of an old train trestle and the water below.

taken from alabamaheritage.com
My destination was Bangor Cave. The natural cave was converted to a speakeasy and casino in the late 1930's. The owners spent a good bit of money on the operation and everything I've read about it suggests it was pretty awesome. The first bust occurred soon after the club opened in 1937 (more here) but a proper shut-down did not occur until 1939. Most of the built interior burned in 1940 but inside you can still see some of the rock work and structure. 
As you can see, the current owner is real serious about people not going in. Well, as serious as you can be with hand painted signs anyways. I would never disobey trespassing laws or venture into another person's property against their will, no matter how interested I was in what laid on the other side. The photos below were from a google search and due to their nature, I am not going to give credit.

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