Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BuRP 2012

BuRP 2012- went up through Atlanta and ran the interstate until it ended and serpentine roads began and wound tight through mountain passes. Take your eyes off the road doom, switchback scares and hard part dragging madness. Ended up in Maggie Valley for year eleven with old friends swapping lies, laughing and catching up.
Day two- rode more craziness to Helen, GA only to find my favorite lunch spot closed. Ate elsewhere and wandered, not much else has changed. Wall to wall tourist trappings but still killer people watching and fun ways to kill time. Hit two spots of rain on the way back in and one of hail...which sucks at 60mph. I cure the pain with local micro brews.
Day three- more scenic byways and mountain road greatness into Hot Springs. One guy almost bites it in a corner and when we stop, we see cord showing on his rear tire. Phone calls for a trailer and a search for a tire and the rest of us are back on the road. I end up in front despite having no clue where we are going. I blow a couple turns but somehow we end up back home. I make my annual pilgrimage to see Crazy Bob. He's still Crazy...I procure another six pack and proceed drink it and the remainder of the micro fridge dry.   
Day three- sleep in, eat leftover pizza and down the warm, half beer on the hotel nightstand. Pack, plan the route home, load up, say goodbye and hit it. Six hours, four gas stops and 340 miles later and I pull into the driveway. Next year is already calling me...


  1. Trips like these are SO much fun!

  2. You are both correct. Awesome time all the way around...

  3. Excellent post! Ya got me pumped-up for my "Taconic Trippin'" run. Thanks for the info on the handlebars-don't have the pesos but perhaps sometime in the future.


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