Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kustom Jeff

Hooked up with Jeff this past weekend to deliver a late birthday gift. Some time ago he posted a graphic on facebook saying he wished he had it as a patch. I couldn't find one available for sale so I reached out to a company I'd been wanting to work with since I first saw their products: Iron Thread.

Killer company, Valerie is great and super quick with communication and extremely helpful all throughout the process. This company is a breeze to work with and the end result...well I'll just say the quality exceeded my expectations and I was a little sad to see it go. Check them out here.

I'd been trying to get my hands on some of Jeff's schwag for months and Saturday he delivered like the mail man (I have no idea why the photo is upside down, damn blogger). We hit some back roads to lunch and tore downtown and hung at the Haint's Dojo for the remainder of the afternoon. We split off later so he could grab the new Cycle Source that he has some credited photos (though you've undoubtedly seen his work elsewhere). In case you've been under a rock since the moto-blog explosion, check him out here.


  1. WOW! I didn't realize you had that made FOR me! It was already a cherished gift, now it's off the charts! It was great hanging out and riding Sat. next time my wrist should be healed and we can actually take a long ride somewhere instead of the short bursts to keep the wrist from hurting.

  2. Cool patch...I dig it. Is this patch a "there is only one out there" patch? If not and available I would like to purchase one. Let me know if ya feel like it, thx.

    Chopper Ed

  3. Jeff-Sometimes you just see something and think about how awesome it would be to do it...I had it done before I even knew you had a birthday coming up. Saturday was awesome, when your wrist is 100% I am down to take the show on the road!

    Ed-It is indeed a "there is only one out there" patch...

  4. We need to get together and ride. cool ass patch

  5. I'm in, if you have a weekend free coming up, holla!


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