Tuesday, October 9, 2012

As seen this weekend...

WhoAmI from bobs uruncle on Vimeo.

My buddy Kyle shot some video of an early Saturday morning ride. We met at 6:30am for breakfast and hit the road about 7:00. We hit some killer back roads and met up later with some other folks...but all the good stuff happened before 10am.


  1. You guys blasted by my house (overton road) when I was in my driveway kicking my shovel! Looked like y'all were having fun!

  2. Wow! Did ya'll use a video camera or was that a regular camera? I think about trying the video when I'm out and about but that is as far as I get! The bridge shot and the old truck shot is very cool!

  3. Ian-yeah, we had a blast! It was, as I am sure you know, a little chilly but it turned into an awesome day. Hope your shakedown ride was good. From the sound of it, good times were had...

    Chris-Kyle used a GoPro for this video. He was using a suction cup mount so it was easy to move around. All of his stuff is killer, he's really a wizard at that stuff. Play with what you've got. You might be surprised...or it just might make you want to spend the cheese on something like the GoPro.


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