Friday, October 12, 2012

Hot Sauce of the Week

Santa Fe Seasons Howlin' Hot Sauce-to give you a little behind the scenes info here, when I do a write up on any sauce I try it by itself and then on my Wednesday lunch. Before you say anything, I eat EXACTLY the same thing every Wednesday so there is no variance in spice or heat in the food itself. When I tried this one alone I was not impressed and didn't look forward to having it at mealtime. That said, I stayed true to form and was very surprised. This one really is a sleeper until you put it one something. Sure it was hot but the peppers really stood out amongst the other flavors at play. The Scotch Bonnet pepper is a beast with a naturally occurring sweetness that sets it apart from other peppers. This is a great, different sauce and if you can find a Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce, give it a try.

This one was also sent over from my wife's friend Sara. Much appreciated!

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