Friday, November 2, 2012

Hot Sauce of the Week

For the month of November, every Hot Sauce Featured will be local to Alabama. There are no shortage of sauces made in the state, these are just the five I happened to get my hands on. If I missed your favorite by the end of the month, drop me a line. I am always looking for new stuff to try.

Moonshine Hot Sauce-an improvement on the tried and true yellow-cap style pepper-in-the-vinegar style sauces. With heavy doses of onion and garlic, this isn't one to heap on if you are hoping to get lucky. It tastes kind of like a cocktail onion with a swift kick. This one would be best on vegetables or veggie heavy coups or stews. Killer flavor and adequate heat. I'm glad it's a big bottle...

Special thanks to Jeff and Ashley for picking this one up on the road and sending it my way.
You guys are aces... 

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