Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unlimited Edition

I've seen this happen a lot in the motorcycle world lately. A new product, part, shirt, etc comes out in supposed small numbers with a "limited edition". So people scoop it up quickly in the hopes of having something to hang onto, something other than what just anyone can get. I can't count the times I've read "we only made a few of these" or "once we sell these they're gone" or similar words to that effect.

What happens next is what bothers me. The first run sells out quickly and then...they make more.
WTF happened to the "limited" part of the limited edition? It reminds me way too much of the MoCo's 100th Anniversary "Limited Edition" paint scheme that was on damn near every bike that was released that year. After that they started the ridiculous every 5 year commemorative paint editions.

I guess it is all about the dollar bill after all but Hell...if you say something, stick to it. Breaking your word even once is enough to make someone lose a tremendous amount of respect for you.


  1. I agree, at least make significant changes to the later versions. As far as HD and the 100th anniversary they meant limited to just that year's production ;-)

  2. But they never do that, they just make more.
    And it sucks.


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