Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bath Time

     Gave the bike a little wash the other day. I didn't polish or anything like that but the words "wash me" that were written in the dirt on the swing arm was getting to me. That and the fact that I need to see if I have an oil leak or just some leftover goop from sloppy oil changing.
     I am about ready to start with the cosmetic overhaul but still have a few remaining parts that I need to grab. I'm also reasonably certain (read that as certain but kidding myself) that I am going to need a new rear tire before I get out on the road this summer. That will probably delay the cosmetics as the big remaining piece is, go figure, about the price of a new tire.
     Speaking of parts, I still need to get the pieces to get the Shovel back together. I sold some stock parts off this bike to get them but I am waiting to see what happens regarding the tire and possible oil leak. Serving two masters is difficult and I have to keep one or the other on the road.    


  1. JT-I checked my tires yesterday and the front does need to be changed-I washed Ole Girl last week so I'm good until July...she does have a leak that I thought I fixed this past winter, but it isn't a critical leak, just a little character!

  2. Mine is about the same...just need to clean it off here and there and keep it from building up and getting all over everything. I am going to get out tomorrow and tighten everything up just in case.


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