Tuesday, August 27, 2013


     After a wet finish in Joplin, it was nice to find that the morning was dry. A long, hard day and cold beer were ingredients that resulted in a great night's sleep. I think it was a universal phenomenon. Everyone awoke in a good mood. After packing I enjoyed a Cliff Bar and coffee and soon after we were on our way.
      Route 66 came quick. Chris had done his homework on a good, local breakfast joint. The others ate while I enjoyed a water and the company. Wes received a plate that was more than he cared to handle so I picked up the slack by polishing off a pancake.
     Back on the road, almost instantly we came to a small town full of cool stuff to see. The people of Baxter Springs are some of the friendliest people I've ever seen. I was literally approached by everyone I saw. We all were. It kind of felt like the town from the Truman show.
     We were like kids in a candy store, posing and goofing off with the signs and artifacts. I would wager there were more pictures taken in this stretch than on the rest of the trip. The antique store owner wanted to take our picture too. People were taking photos of the bikes. It was all very surreal. The sky looked black ahead so we put on our rain gear and proceeded to get a good 20 minute soaking. Thanks to the OK heat and sun, we were dry before lunch.
     In the next town, Miami pronounced mI-am-uh, we stopped at the tourism bureau and got loads of info about things to see and do. The first was the local motorcycle museum which was nothing overwhelmingly awesome but there were some cool bikes and an Evel Knievel exhibit that had some cool stuff.
     We stayed on 66 into Claremore which was home to the J.M. Davis Gun Collection. This man started collecting guns at the age of seven and never stopped. The display was over 13,000 guns and was positively overwhelming. The collection is painstakingly organized and cataloged but it was easy to get lost in it. Literally, I had a hard time finding the exit.
     There was a handful of other cool things we passed but unless you have unlimited time, the best you can do is just look and take it all in. Each side of the roadway is littered with discarded leftovers of times gone by, some in use but most just being left to disappear. I was glad to see it before it all goes away.
     It was getting late in the day so we elected to do the interstate boogie again. We detoured through downtown Tulsa which looked like it could be fun. The entertainment district seemed to be hopping especially for a Monday afternoon. Again, rarely is there enough time.
     Passing through OKC was impressive and whet my thirst for all the things that lay ahead. We passed the Cowboy Museum and I was shocked at how big it was. I am guessing its going to take some time to go through.
     Home for the next three days is another KOA just outside El Reno. It is going to be nice not to have to pack the bike again for a few days. We unpacked and walked to the nearby restaurant for dinner. There is another rider staying nearby and he joined us sharing a tale of woe about having to have major bike work performed on the road by an inept, young mechanic.
     As has been the standard, no punches were pulled and we had a good time at the table. I am pretty sure the staff at the restaurant hated us but they probably get tourists like us all the time and are jaded as a result. No matter. I grabbed a shower and felt better but thoroughly beat. I'm tired but excited. Tomorrow the real stuff begins.


  1. This sounds like a Trip of a Lifetime with Good Friends all taken-in from the Saddle... I'm a little envious, oh hell who am I kidding I damn sure wish I was there=as well! Keep it comming.
    Ride Safe & Enjoy!!!

  2. Yeah man, this really was a great trip.


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