Friday, January 24, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Street Eatzz Detroit Smoke Foodie Sauce- ok, so this one isn't really a hot sauce. That said, I am reviewing it here because it was a gift from the crew at MHT and frankly because it is really damn good. Basically a puree of awesome ingredients, it is an odd condiment that reminded me a bit of Worcestershire sauce but thicker and a little sweeter. This one could be at home as a dip for fries or on top of something like eggs or pizza but putting it in something would really be a waste. In other words, as a hot sauce it sucks but as just sauce it is pretty great.
Vegan, Gluten Free, made in Michigan. 20 Calories/tbsp.

Thanks again to Russ and the Mayor. Thems good people.


  1. I thought "Foodie Sauce" was some Royal Oak hipster trying to be trendy by not calling it "hot sauce". It was on the hot sauce shelf w/ the rest. It comes in a hot sauce style bottle... oh well. Now I gotta go back to that market & hurt a few people.

  2. lol No worries man, it is actually really, really or not.


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