Friday, January 31, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Double Bastard Double Burn Habanero-I can't remember if I have had a hot sauce with beer in it before but if not, it is about damn time. This would have been the perfect segue between the old Friday Night Beer Menus and the Hot Sauce of the Week posts. The sauce is a bit on the sweet side with honey and lemon really at the forefront. Crushed red pepper is the real heat here. Disappointingly, habanero appears only in powdered form. Even so, this is a good sauce and the beer is the second ingredient. You won't catch a buzz off of it but it is good enough to try.
5 calories/tsp.

Part of the Christmas Hot Sauce Assault from Tim and Misty.


  1. Shame it wasn't top notch. With the Stone brewery name it should be better than crushed red & hab powder

  2. Never had the beer and the sauce is good but real is always preferable to a substitute or shortcut.


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