Tuesday, February 18, 2014


2 G's on Avenue G from dredman on Vimeo.

Maybe if I start using the model number, which sounds more like a dual sport, then my bike will act more like a dual sport? Wishful thinking but didn't stop Don and I from getting a little dirty last week. It was great to get out after the string of cold and snow we've had lately. I'm ready for warmer weather.


  1. I'm a bit curious as to what the "pros" argument was for riding down a hot set of tracks. It's great you got out for a ride. I spent 16 hours in the truck yesterday pushing snow.

  2. I can't wrap my mind around such extended periods of Extreme Cold Weather! Here is sit complaining about it being in the upper 40's at night but then it Warms up to the Lower 80's and My Mind is Happy, Happy, Happy Again! God Bless the South with Spring Time Temp's! It's Beach Time.

  3. Scott-Pros I guess are covering ground, getting somewhere you want to go. The cons, well...you know.

    Paul-We really got it bad this year. That said, it is starting to come around.


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