Friday, April 11, 2014

Hot Sauce of the Week

Ass Reaper-I didn't enjoy this sauce at all. Yes, the bottle is unique and it is hot but the addition of extract gives it a distinct coppery, chemical flavor. Past the solo taste test and one breakfast, this didn't make it onto anything else. Sauces like Punk's, Beast Feast Maine and Uncle CC's crap on this. I am not an extract guy, give me real ingredients any day. Maybe this will see use in recipes where I need heat but for my apply directly purposes, it will get passed over. 10 calories/tsp

Thanks to Tim and Misty for sending this my way. I appreciate the thought even if I don't like the sauce.


  1. I like the lid, but I'm not into extract either

  2. Maybe they knew the sauce was crap so they had to dress it up.


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