Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Lawsuit Against Danger Close, Dice, and EA

Skeleton in my closet, some time ago I did some male modeling. Not proud of it but I needed the money, I was in a pinch. I was paid for my time and services and signed a limited release for my use of the photos and nothing ever came of them. I was assured by my manager I had no future in the industry.

Flash forward to this afternoon, where I see this...

Bastards, how dare they use my image after all this time with no notice, no alert, no fanfare. Naturally I felt violated, slightly, and overall...depressed as I am 2 generations behind current as consoles go and won't be able to play the free copy THEY DIDN'T BOTHER TO SEND ME.

My attorney says that I have no case as their release is air tight not to mention they have deeper pockets and any effort to fight may bankrupt my family and I should just be happy for the notoriety this will bring and maybe I should contact Game Stop about doing cover box signings.

Man he doesn't know me very well.
I signed the paperwork for the second mortgage this on Danger Close, Dice, EA et al. Your cheat codes won't help you in the courtroom bitches!

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  1. It is really insane the similarity! Crazy!


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