Saturday, October 16, 2010

Off to a good start...

Met up with the boys last night and killed it at Metro Bistro. Small but enthusiastic crowd of friends and neighbors (literally). Played hard and late, the crowd went ape shit for the Van Halen stuff, which makes us really happy.

After the show we hit the Vestavia Waffle house. Our waiter was great, he put up with our crap, foul language and joking around. Chael was looking at the jukebox and he asked Chael to play "Black Magic Woman" for him which resulted in two back to back plays of "Bad" by Michael Jackson. We learned that the jukebox apparently has an asshole sensor and only played 2 of the 6(!) times he paid for. All the same, hilarity.
The waiter, not to be outdone, really did it up when I told him I wanted hash browns all the way, and I meant all the way, kitchen sink, the whole bit. They arrived with a healthy helping of white gravy on top. It's all good, I douse those things with WH salsa, Tabasco, and Heinz 57 anyways and the gravy was a nice touch.
Add to this that now when we go out as a band in public we tell people we're Maroon 5 and again, our great sport of a waiter started telling other tables that Maroon 5 was in the house. I also repeatedly referred to him as Stephen which wasn't even close to his name.
Before leaving Brian added a couple more plays of "Bad" to the box and topped it off with "Sugar Shack" for good measure. We avoided any Waffle House songs, even we have standards.

Today I slept in. After getting my wits about me, 'livi and grabbed some coffee and headed for the Pumpkin Patch in Clanton. The weather was perfect and this was a great, great family time. Ruby ran around and got in to everything, playing in the hay, grabbing the pumpkins and having a blast. We got some great shots of her including one with a full dress Indian.
We ate nachos and funnel cake and shared a table with some locals who also had kids. It was all around a great time.

We went ahead and got a jump on Sunday, grabbing a couple carts full of perishables at Costco and Target. Tonight we're hosting some friends for dinner and drinks. Right now the ladies are watching the Auburn game as the 2nd male counterpart of this foursome is yet to arrive.

Tomorrow if 'livi and I's two year anniversary. We're going to have a day on the town. A run to 2nd and Charles, dinner and a movie. Weekends like this are rad and too few and far between. It is rare to get a little bit of everything you love. The only missing piece is a motorcycle ride...and I may have to squeeze that in tomorrow just on principal.

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