Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seasonal Effective Disorder

This week I've been questioning the reality of the afforementioned affliction. I know I always hit a winter slump, a point when being outside is uncomfortable and motorcycling for pleasure is all but nonexistant. The later aspect for me is the biggest, especially since I do so much riding when it is warm. Knowing that I can't crank it up and go without proper attire and discomfort is a big downer.

Visually I enjoy the winter months more. The overall outdoor ascetic is more pleasurable and there is the lack of heat haze you get in the summer, speaking of which, the warmer southern months in the south are not without their own level of physical torment. 90 and 100 plus degree days when you sweat out more liquid than you can possibly drink and even the shade only bring so much relief.

The times in between the two extremes are best and it is also nice when we get the out of season winter "heat wave" that is unexpected and pleasant. 80's in October, crazy.

The more I've been monitoring Craigslist, the more I crave an older motorcycle. I look at the cool old shit for sale and it is hard not to want it. Something to keep my idle hands busy during the winter Saturdays when I can't be outside would be great.

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