Thursday, March 31, 2011

Muscle Shoals

Riding without a destination is great. Riding with a destination is also great, especially is the destination has a history.

Founded is 1969, the Swamper's studio played host to a who's who of music artists. The newer of the two spaces, this studio is located near the banks of Wilson Lake. You can see the water in the reflection of the door behind Brandon.

There are two things that date this picture for me: the low number of states colored in on my vest (right chest) and the size of the mp3 player in my left pocket. It was a very early model and easily the size of a calculator.

We went to the old location as well. Hard to believe how much great music was made in this tiny Alabama building. If you are a Cher fan, the sign/address will be familiar to you.

Again, dated. Good little bike though.
Getting to Muscle Shoals takes about two hours there and two hours back...or all day if you do it right. These are the rides that we used to do every weekend and I wish we still did.

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