Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sunday a buddy and I traveled to Nashville to kick around. Nashville is a cool little city with more than a day's worth of stuff to see. We got there in time for lunch. Got to love a restaurant with an on-site brewery.

Nashville is packed to the gills with touristy attractions, some free and some not. We took advantage of the free ones. Like this one...

The Ryman was free to get into, but not to tour. But they had this...

$13 for a self guided tour...I think not.

Gruhn Guitars. Closed on Sundays, but looked good from the outside.

Proper attire for attending a "honor your handshake" land negotiation? Local sports team t-shirt...

When it was time to eat again, we got beers and burgers at an Irish pub whose name I can't remember. It smelt like sewage and the bartender looked like she hadn't been fed in a month...it was awesome. They were coming off a busy weekend and were out of everything but burgers...and they had fries but no ketchup. They kept running out of beers and the bartender kept her cool and shut down a couple of assholes like a real pro. The kitchen got my order wrong so she had them fix it...and then comped ALL of our beers. Like I said, this girl was a pro and knew how to angle for the tip.

The day was fun, but pretty uneventful...

did I mention we f'ing saw Rush live?!?

Yeah, that Rush.

Above is a great shot of Neil Peart crapping all over anything you ever thought about playing on the drums.

Yeah, their stage setup and audio and visuals are great. Not to mention the haven't lost a step and are at the top of their game. It was far, far from sucking to say the very least.

(cut a little short, got the feeling security was looking a little too hard at me)

We drove home listening to this and drinking shakes from Steak and Shake.

A bit short for an album but a great record nonetheless. I slept after that, got home at 2:30am and up for work at six.
Overall, the day ruled.

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