Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'll apply the last coat of paint to the tank lift and coil brackets and if it is dry enough (which I doubt, thanks cold front) I may get to final assembly today. Everything else is done, all wires re-wrapped and tied to the frame sitting right in the channel the lift will create. Salvaged part of the old coil bracket to use to mount the key switch more or less in the factory location. Also cleaned the sticky off the front tank brackets left from where they put those odd plastic covers.

Found an old mirror in a parts stash I forgot about and may paint and run it, though it is larger than I want. Might try it out and see how goofy it looks. Need to mask off and throw another coat of paint on my helmet but it needs relining too so I may do it all at once when I have more time and resources at my disposal.

Switching gears, I recently came across this trailer and I think it is time to share. It looks pretty awesome but I am into sicko exploitation blood and gore flicks so it is right up my alley. By the way, this is very, very unsafe for work NSFW. In fact, watch this at the office today if you feel like going job hunting tomorrow.

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