Thursday, November 24, 2011

Buck's Pocket don't need to tell me. I am a notorious over-packer. I like to be prepared for the situation and any contingencies. We were expecting low temperatures and in a hammock the cold goes right under you. I need a liner, hence the Mexican blanket. I also carry extra food, paracord, a space blanket, etc. Two good maxims for motorcycle travel and camping: "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" and "it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." The later I practiced to a fault on my first cross country trip but that is a subject for another day...
Brandon's Triumph, this was the shake down ride/miles per tank test. Bike did great and his mileage math was spot on. 
The host for the weekend was an older ex-rider who was constantly chomping on an unlit cigar. He came up on us in a golf cart and then laughed and made fun when we asked if he had firewood for sale. Basically telling us if it wasn't growing we could burn it, he tipped us off to a couple spots we could get a good supply from. We took a ride on his cart which was by far the most dangerous riding we did all weekend.
We gathered wood and carried it back to camp. We made a second trip, a good walk from our spot, and crossed the dry creek bed in the near dark. Brandon built the fire in a hurry. The sky was very, very clear that night and the huge moon and firelight made flashlights nearly unnecessary. 
Since we had a good fire in a real pit, I had no need for my camp stove. Despite a big lunch at a cafe on the road, after a little drinking and bs'ing I did start to get hungry. I slow cooked beef stew and downed it with rum and soda. Later the can doubled as a pot for warming udon noodles and salmon. 

The morning was chilly. We had planned to get an early start but the sight of frost on my hammock, Brandon's bag, our packs and all over our bikes made us slow down a bit. I built another fire with the little wood we had left, enough to heat water for breakfast and coffee and stay warm waiting for the sun to heat the air. I'm glad it happened that way. I was able to take it all in and relax. We packed up around ten and made our way to Section, Al and Sand Mountain Dragway...again, a topic for another day.

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