Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Cleaning, etc.

Got the wife out in the garage and storage shed this weekend to clean out her crap, dispose of some garbage and organize what had to stay. Some stuff needed to go in the house, some into the shed and even more stuff to the street for the trashmen. The space is much better now. Space to move, areas to work and a lack of junk that had no place in this space.

Took a few minutes to look at some possible changes to the Sportster and gathered and laid out a few parts for the Shovel.

There may be a visitor coming to the stable soon for a little tuning and sprucing up. This was the spark that ignited this cleanup, we'll see what happens...

Great start to the week, got these in the mail from Boyle Custom Moto and they are schweet!

Check Boyle out here. 

Also, last week Garage Company announced the date and venue for Dixie Roundup II.
Get all the info and updates here.

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