Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chasing Ghosts

If you said to me, "lets leave in the fog with 70% chance of rain to ride dirt roads looking for towns that may or may not exist," I'd probably say no...but that is what we did. Flirting with disaster, we manage to go between the dark clouds but never under them. We pass two pickup trucks full of angry looking old men in hunting gear. Between this, the clouds and the dirt road...I start bargaining with God. Despite our best efforts, we find only a portion of what we are looking for. Time and light are short, the last 50 miles are done in the dark riding tight and fast.

Home always seems to feel just as good as you hope it will.


  1. "Those Who Dare, Win"-S.A.S.
    Awesome post! Great pictures and story! If ya play it to 'safe' we'd never see what is beyond, beyond!
    Thanks for putting my blog up on your list!
    Iron Vaquero

  2. Glad you had a good ride. I'd love to have gone with you, but I REALLY needed to make progress on the flyrite.

  3. IV-thanks man, glad you dug it. I have been following your Outlaw Run posts. Reminds me of both my cross country trips...

    KJ-I know how that goes, hence the dust collecting Shovel in my garage. I'll keep you in the loop, one of these days you'll come along...


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