Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lake Shovelhead

Two weeks after I filled the transmission and started riding it.
Solutions, hopefully, coming soon.


  1. Dang! I have a Clymer service manual for Shovelheads that you may borrow.

  2. You are the man sir and I appreciate your willingness to lend.
    I have one on my list of items to order for the bike in the next couple months. There are a some things I am going to try between now and then that (fingers crossed) will remedy the issue. If not, it might have to get serious.

  3. Sorry u got the xmsn seepin' syndrome J.T......wish I had some quick fix wisdom to share with u. I can offer a hand if you want some help down the road. Hadn't dropped in to say hello since the Round Up. So here it is now dude......good luck with the tranny. Later on,

  4. Ed-thanks man, you're aces.


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