Friday, June 22, 2012

Hot Sauce of the Week

Tabasco Hot and Spicy Stuff Olives-Yep, every bit as awesome as they sound. My spice supplier has been keeping these a staple of our house for years now (thanks as always Uncle Bill). I'll pop a few as an appetizer before a meal or dice them up for stew or chili. You couldn't find them around here until recently, great stuff. 
Tabasco Spicy Beans-another great veggie from the Tabasco folks. Just like the olives, great before a meal. Also great as an out of the ordinary garnish for food or drink.


  1. those olives are good mate, we get a similar version tongue tingler here

  2. Them stuffed olives look super-duper good!

  3. Yeah, they are a favorite. Excellent stuff.


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