Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Be careful...

who you take your bike to. What you can't see in this picture is a stripped, broken bolt. My friend paid big $ to have his problem "fixed." The other day while riding he went to shift and a bolt that had backed its way out kept him from doing so. He was able to get down the road and made it to my place. Upon inspection, there were not one but two bolts that were backing out. The reason? They couldn't be properly tightened due to broken bolt pieces in the holes. Whoever was working on the bike broke two bolts off and didn't feel the need to fix it before it went out the door. We took the hour needed to get the pieces out and put new bolts in. There is no excuse for this. Do some homework on your mechanic or you might end up with some BS like this on your bike. 


  1. C'mon JT! Out the guy! What's the name of the place???

  2. You look at it like they were broken bolts, I'm sure the "technician" looked at it like it was "kustom".

    You just brought the cool factor down on your buddy's bike by returning it to stock.

    Stock is stank.

    Seriously though, where was this machine operated on?

  3. Seriously, you should out that tool!

  4. I'm down with the comments from others JT.....kick the shop tech to the curb for our benny if you're certain it wasn't innocent oversight. Perhaps due to inexperience or even previous maintenance/repair performed by another tech or shade tree hand and improper torque (over torque)applied from an air assisted tool. Just sayin' dude....
    Later on, Chopper Ed

  5. Regardless, I'd blast it. Innocent oversight still equals my shit got fucked up and here's who and how and when it occured. Just ask my local Honda dealer where I'm banned for life.

  6. I talked to my buddy tonight about it. His bike, his beef, his call...and I hate to disappoint but...just know the shop you are trusting with your life. That's all I am saying.


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