Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you've been keeping score on the Hot Sauce front, here's where we are up to now.

I had a few in the hopper ready for the upcoming weeks and then...this happened:
My hot sauce homeboy Uncle Bill came through with a gang of sauces to try. This will literally keep me busy for months. Thank you for stoking my hot sauce love affair, I am excited about tearing into these. A few have me a little intimidated. I've read the ingredients on some. Ghost pepper...heaven help me.

If you saw the post Tuesday, my buddy Brandon is going to storing some of his scoots here as he gets ready to hit Japan for another year. As they come in the following weeks, you'll see more of them around. I also talked to a friend who gave me a swift kick in the ass about sorting out the Shovel so my goal is to have the bike where I want it by the end of the summer. There isn't much left to do in terms of real issues, maybe a couple days worth of tinkering.

Don over at Bama Rides has started a new online show called Dred's Garage. I sat in on the first episode. We talked about riding out west, gear, and a bunch of other stuff. Give it a look. Big thanks to Don for letting me hang out and to Hooters for letting us set up and film on location.


Lay it out here: