Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game Galaxy

So if you remember this post from a couple years ago, you know I am into Golden Age Arcades and cabs. On a trip to Huntsville a couple months back my buddy and I ran across an arcade that was about to open that looked to have a ton of classics in it. 
 A little research online and I got the scoop about when Game Galaxy was opening, the game list, etc.
The buddy I saw the arcade with was stoked about going back once they were open so we planned a trip. Only an hour and a half away, it was an easy drive and we planned on making the most of the time.
 Getting there as soon as they opened, we scoped the room out and crafted a plan of attack.
Thankfully they have everything set on free play and the all-day rate is LOW. I would have gone broke if I had to pump quarters or tokens in like I did at Funspot.
 The arcade was a good mix of Classics with some new and rare stuff thrown in.
 I used to destroy the Atari 5200 port of Popeye.
In retrospect, the NES PlayChoice cab is kind of odd, spending quarters to play a game you could have at home. At the time though, when games were $50 a pop, you couldn't have them all and this was a smart way to create a buzz about new games or to get to try something before you spent your allowance on it. 
 Donkey Kong and DK2, this unit is set up for Twin Galaxies scoring.
 A few classic beat-'em-ups and fighting games.
Rows and rows of classic cabs. 

The folks that run Game Galaxy were awesome and accommodating, they would check on us from time to time asking if we needed anything and they also showed us the cool stuff that the casual visitor doesn't get access to. If you are ever in Huntsville and you are into classic arcade gaming, 80's nostalgia or have kids, I highly recommend a visit. We were there 11+ hours and I could have spent a lot more time there. When we left to come back to Birmingham, my feet and back hurt from standing so long.

They have another location in Antioch, TN also that is on my radar. If you have been, let me know if it is worth a trip. 


  1. Hell Yeah!!! I'd get lost in there myself!

  2. Final Fight! Street Fighter 2 Turbo!

  3. There is one in Antioch?! Sweet! I don't have to drive 2 hours to visit!

  4. Wow! Thanks for making me feel a little 'older'! As a kid I would dang near do anything to get a quarter to play Pacman, Asteroids, etc.

  5. Jeff-Yessir, pretty awesome.

    Nick-I've played Final Fight start to finish more times than I can count. Haggar owns!

    Russ-5346 Hickory Hollow Parkway, Antioch, TN 37013
    Phone: 615-678-4599

    Chris-I remember when I was a kid that if we went anywhere that had a cabinet, my attention would be focused solely on it. I kind of haven't changed in that regard at times...


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