Thursday, November 22, 2012

Swap and Drag

Had another great time at this event, as usual. I didn't take a ton of pictures this time around and spent most of the day catching up with people. It's pretty great to see so many folks you know all in one place and having a good time.

Kustom Jeff and I left out at 7am Saturday morning in the freezing cold. The first hour and a half was brutal but after the first gas stop and a little coffee, it got warmer quick and the rest of the ride was awesome. 
The drags were fun as usual with a crazy mix of bikes, muscle cars and odd stuff like mopeds and lawnmowers going down the strip. Amazing what some people want to run and a Ford Explorer vs a Chevy Tahoe...not one of the more interesting races. 
Got to see a AJ from Mississippi, make a couple new MS friends and thanks to Jeff's genius, actually got to set up the hammock near the track. Ross made some killer chili that we all heaped onto closeout hot dogs and we spent the rest of the evening huddled around the fire drinking beer and moonshine and talking shit. Met the folks from Hate City and yes, all of the stories you've heard are true.
The next day we took our time getting up and out. The fire was re-lit and we huddled again as the sun rose. We parted ways with the MS crew and got everything loaded and hit the road. We stopped for breakfast and Jeff and I boogied back to Birmingham. If there is some reason you haven't made it to this one yet, you need to. It's a great time with good people and plenty to see and good parts up for grabs. Do not miss the next one...

Stole the last two photos from Ian, thanks dood.


  1. I don't feel so bad about taking so long to post my pics now. We got ours up at the same time ;-) It was a great weekend and I'm glad we got to go.

  2. Slackers of the world...Hell, we can just do it later.
    Yeah man, had a blast. Great times...


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