Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last Ride of 2012

So it wasn't really as much of a ride as it was a chance to hang out with Brandon a bit more before he headed back to the Land of the Rising Sun. It was cold as Hell on the way there and the way back. All the same, there is always a good time to be had at the Dojo. Brandon assured me, when you can't ride for 6 months at a time, a ride of any length is awesome.
Nick was there working on his pan and took it for a spin around the block. There are still issues to be sorted out but he's getting very, very close. 
Brandon has mad trampoline and beer drinking skills.

It was good just to stand around and bs. I'm looking forward my first ride of 2013. That said, I really need to stop being lazy and change the oil on my Sporty...


  1. Dang, I needs me some play time with like minded grease monkeys!! To much time in the house and not enough in the garage makes me grumpy! That Pan is the business, fo sho.

  2. Garage time does a body good!

  3. hahahahahaha! BS with BS. Good to see you! Thanks for everything! and change that oil! Shit I changed three oils in one week while I was there.

  4. I got some time in the garage this past weekend but the attion has been on the shovel. I'll get to the Sporty soon enough. Always good to see you buddy...


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