Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Toy

1987 Original Release Double Dragon original working condition, less the monitor that was damaged in delivery. Otherwise, all of the insides are intact. This was Taito's classic Jamma cabinet and has a ton of cool features. During the Golden Age of Arcade Gaming there were huge numbers of new games being released and swapping out the big cabinets became a hassle for arcade owners. This cabinet was the answer. At the bottom there is a drawer that houses the printed control board (PCB) that has the game data on it. It unlocks and slides out giving ease of access for changing out game PCB's. This was so an owner could get the new PCB, a new marquee and control overlay and have a new game at a fraction of the cost and hassle. The monitor housing also rotates 180 degrees without tools for games that use a vertical orientation. The Double Dragon monitor bezel is also dual sided with the opposite side matching the original Taito graphics from the side of this cab that have long been painted over.
My plans are to take the guts out and replace them with a working PC loaded with 100's of Classic Games. I've already started formatting the pc. Soon I'll get the new controls and begin the hardware conversion. I'm stoked, this thing is going to be a classic gaming beast.


  1. It's coming along well. I expect to have the majority of stuff I need to get it to 80% by the end of the week and then I can put the pc in the cab. I'll have to pull the pc out again later and add another hard drive to hold the big file CHD games. Thankfully, the PC has a wifi card and wireless mouse and keyboard...that should make doing the additional work easier.

    When it is done, I'll let you know so you can come check it out.


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