Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fresh Earl

Now if it will just stop raining and warm up, I might actually get some saddle time in....


  1. LOL! How did you know that I was planning on buying three quarts of oil and a filter today? Overall the weather up here has not made me sad about having Ole Girl in the stable to conduct Operation Overhaul!

  2. I honestly thought it was milk when I saw the tiny little teaser pic... what was I thinking? Breakfast probably...

  3. quit yer whining and ride that shovel!!

  4. Chris-great minds buddy! I can't imagine your winters would be very good for riding anyhow...

    Allen-Syn3 20w-50, does a body good!

    Nick-It's getting sorted. If I can get it 100% where I want it, that Sportster might find itself pretty lonely come summer.


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