Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sorting Out the Rear Axle

So you know how an axle should slide in and out with relative ease? Well...the rear axle on the Shovel didn't and it was time to figure out why. Got everything loose and hammered that SOB for almost half an hour to get it out. Took the wheel apart and it turns out the outer spacers and both sides had some burrs that needed to be smoothed out. As a result, the axle had some rough spots too. The bearings are in decent shape so they stayed as is.
The sprocket is is rough cosmetic shape thanks to throwing a chain but the transmission leak keeps oil slung all over it so I'm not too worried about rust. 
Nick was on hand to give me an extra set of knuckles to hit with the hammer and to help dwindle the Jack Daniels supply. He also ripped off my tater tot casserole recipe and threw it up all over Instagram via his old lady...but I digress.

You can check out his take on this mania here. 


  1. JT-Great post! I love both accounts and wonder if ya'll feel guilty for having had so much fun? LOL It ain't fun til the hammers are employed! LOL

  2. It's kind of crazy...you'd think someone would get ill when you hit their knuckles with a giant wooden hammer. If you both laugh about it, you are having fun...either that or it's the whiskey talking.


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