Thursday, April 11, 2013

Results from Saturday

Spent some time on a few little things on the Shovel Saturday. All of it was simple but the little things add up.
At some point I'll have to move the tail light wiring so it isn't just snaking down the sissy bar and up the frame but again, small job. The thing I really need more of is time. Too bad they don't sell that in the parts houses...

I'm supposed to be getting my hands on a shop manual this week which should help with some of the bigger things. In any case, I'm getting closer and closer to where I want it to be. I've been looking at doing a couple things that are outside my ability and skill set but if you never move out of your comfort zone, you'll never learn anything.

Hopefully I'll have a good chunk of time to get the final loose ends tied off later this month. Unfortunately, everything comes with a price. If I were smarter, I'd use the good weather Saturdays to ride and the ugly ones to get work done. Having a family doesn't help either...trying to do everything you want can be a pain but the payoffs are well worth it.


  1. JT-Looking good! I feel your pain and often think I'm a dog chasing its tail! I have a Clymer, '66-'84 Shovelhead manual if ya need to borrow it or need me to scan a section.

  2. Great work! An idea I am using for my tailight wiring is to drill a hole in the fender and put a rubber grommet in it to run the wire through, then I can stick the wire to the underside of the fender.

  3. Chris-Thanks man! As always, I appreciate your offer to help. Nick delivered a well worn, grease stained manual from his dad's shop just yesterday so I am good to go...for now.

    Jeff-As discussed, the hole and wiring part is done and I think I did the tape bit on the Sporty and might just do it again here. Great minds!


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